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Question 7:  Why doesn't anything happen when I insert my Identakey in the USB port?

Answer:  All computers and USB ports are different.  If the Identakey application does not start after you insert your Identakey in the USB port, gently move it up and down, side to side or in and out in order to achieve a connection.  The LED light on the end of the flash drive will blink when it is working.  If the LED light doe not illuminate try inserting the Identakey into another computer USB drive.  If the Identakey works on another computer, the problem may be that your first computer has a bad USB port.  If your Identakey LED light illuminates but does not start, refer to FAQ "I have Windows XP/2000 and the Auto Play window did not open after the little green arrow appeared in the tool tray.  What do I do?"

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