Child Identification Wristbands and
Child ID Bracelets

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 10:  What should I do If I lose my Identakey?

Answer:  Go to the Identakey website and submit a Lost Identakey Report Form in order to notify us that your Identakey has been lost.  All Identakeys are labeled with a postage guarantee and the Identakey mailing address.  If lost, the finder will hopefully drop it into any United States Postal Service mailbox.  The USPS will return your Identakey to us.  In the event that we receive your Identakey, you will be notified via e-mail or phone (if e-mail address is available).  Once contacted, you will be given the option to have ou Identakey returned to you (for a small fee) or have it destroyed at no cost.  If the Identakey is received with the owner's keys they also will be returned.

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